Clean and Optimize Your Mac for Top Performance with Outbyte MacRepair

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Clean & optimize your Mac or Window’s laptop with Outbyte’s software, your PC and Mac’s cleaning software. The market is full of different Mac cleaners, many of which are in fact powerhouses that are capable of providing more than just junk removal. However, there are still programs that cater towards users who want nothing but a fast and reliable solution that can restore their Mac’s performance to its former glory from time to time. MacRepair – which is developed by Outbyte, the Australian company behind PC Repair and Android Care – is one such tool that is limited to only the most basic features. However, the program is actually more than it first seems. Thanks to the fact that it will always provide unlimited deep scans whether you own a license or not and comes with a number of clever settings with which Macs can save a significant amount of energy to ensure a longer battery life. And since the subscription-based pricing policy with which three licenses are available for just $5 a month, it’s more tempting than it might first sound.

Outbyte’s MacRepair is extremely simple and is easy to use – but this is mostly due to the no-frills nature of the program, which manifests itself in many ways. Firstly, the program is limited to the most essential Mac cleaning tasks, providing a junk removal tool, a RAM optimizer, and an energy saving function.

Secondly, every maintenance tool is activated with each cleaning. This may seem effective at first – particularly for those who don’t use the software that often – but, actually, it just slows things down as the program has to perform a full deep clean every time OutByte MacRepair is used. Granted, there is the option to launch either the memory optimizer or the trash monitoring tool separately from the main scanning and repairing process but the only way to do so is by accessing them via the software’s menu bar icon.

Even though the software always enacts a deep scan every time it is used and the results of the previous examination are only deleted if a new scan is launched, OutByte MacRepair still does a decent job when it comes to identifying issues with the computer. In fact, scans are thorough, ridiculously fast, and have no limit on their use – even for free users. It took less than a minute for the program to detect 759MB of junk and several other problems involving the RAM and energy consumption for our test machine, a mid-2011 MacBook Air.

This same speed and meticulousness is also present during the cleaning of the system, as MacRepair only needed a minute or so – including the skippable ten second pauses between each step – to remove all system junk, optimize our MacBook’s memory, and create a report on energy efficiency that can later be forwarded to the company’s Mac experts. However, it’s important to note that the program doesn’t create any restore points and there is no detailed explanation on what is deemed as junk, meaning that the only way to keep onto files that are incorrectly selected for elimination is by interrupting the cleaning process. It’s worthwhile knowing that unlicensed users are limited to only 100MB of junk removal, too.

Since MacRepair only relies on the most common Mac optimization features, there isn’t much to do with the software aside from the removal of accumulated junk. However, by clicking on the software’s menu bar icon you’ll find access to a separate RAM optimizer and a trash monitoring tool. Additionally, there is the option to activate a built-in energy saver that can dim the screen and turn off certain functionalities of the Mac based on the criteria set in the software’s preferences.

However, this is where Outbyte’s MacRepair stops when it comes to features. Admittedly, there are additional maintenance tools present in the program, but they don’t actually have any functionality themselves; these options are, in fact, just shortcuts to the equivalent tools within macOS. Although we understand the reason behind this move – helping users in accessing certain built-in maintenance features on their Mac – giving the illusion that the software is more fully-featured than it actually is could definitely raise some eyebrows.


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